Quality Packaging Advice

Whether you’re selling baked beans or a beautiful perfume, packaging is everything. With so many competitive brands out there in this day and age, every detail counts. If you are new brand, this is vital, as you want to convince consumers that your product is the one they need!


Firstly you will need to think about your demographic. Who do you want to buy your product? What sort of look will demand their attention? Your product might be something that anyone and everyone will buy, which can then make it a tad difficult. However, if you keep it professional, eye-catching and try to be unique you should be ok.


Once you’ve established your demographic you will have a clearer idea of the look you are going for. The aesthetics of your design are critical as you want to draw as much attention as possible to your product as the consumer peruses their options.

Adding little quirks to the packaging is a creative way to gain consumers’ attention. An example of this would be to fashion the packaging so it may continue to be useful after the product has been removed. This could be in the form of a re-usable bag or box.

You’ll find people are willing to pay a touch more for the right product, so don’t be scared to be a bit creative.

Involve the Senses

While a creative design including tasteful, eye-catching colors will go far, you could also include extras like a clear window to see inside to the product. You could even take it one step further and incorporate the other senses; this will be sure to get their attention! If the packaging of a product has a fragrance, sound or even a sample on the exterior which can be felt, this is a sure-fire way to engage the consumer.


You want the consumer to believe in the quality of your product, so why shouldn’t the packaging be of equal quality? Make sure you approach a professional packaging company that been in the game for a long time.


Once you have lured the customer close enough to actually lift your product into their hot little hands, they will spend the next few minutes reading the packaging. This is where you explain to them what your product is all about and why it is superior to the other brands. Keep it short and sweet, but fun and informative. I know I have put items back on the shelf after not finding the information I required from reading the packaging.

Don’t think once you have convinced the consumer to swipe your product through the check-out that it’s all over red rover. Of course, your product also needs to meet their expectations so they will be back for more. The initial sale is good, but it’s not enough long term. It’s the ongoing relationship you have with your consumers that creates a successful business; word of mouth is a trusted form of advertising, so give them something positive to talk about!