Unless you’re being prodded into a routine cleaning or they break, you may not have paid much attention to your gutters. Gutters perform a necessary function in your house but they can also pose a design challenge for homeowners.  When you need to replace your gutters or you build a new home, you are faced with some choices when it comes to your guttering.

In Melbourne, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the material you want for your guttering. While you have to take the usual elements into consideration, like price and durability, you also want to consider which material fairs best in the climate that’s particular to your area.

The two main choices are aluminum guttering and steel. Both options offer advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. Not sure which choice is right for your home? Here’s the basic breakdown of steel and aluminum guttering.

Aluminum Guttering

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Aluminum is one of the most widely used materials for guttering. Typically, aluminum gutters are long lasting and come with a 25-year warranty against perforation. Despite being lightweight, aluminum is an extremely strong metal. Aluminum gutters are particularly helpful in corrosive environments, like by the seaside or near many trees, as they provide the greatest resistance to falling tree branches, snow and ice. They’re also less likely to rust.

Although aluminum tends to be more expensive than steel gutters, they also last longer. For the appearance conscious homeowner, aluminum gutters can be painted in a wide variety of colors.


Steel Guttering


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Steel is considered stronger than aluminum and steel gutters are better at resisting damage from falling branches, hail, snow or ice. They also provide more support for ladders and steel expands and contracts least in higher temperatures.

Steel is more likely to rust though, especially if the paint wears off and the steel is becomes exposed to harsher climates. Continual cleaning can help prevent rust.

Steel guttering can be more economical for the initial purchase, as it typically costs less than aluminum.  Like aluminum, steel can also come in a wide variety of colors.

Other Considerations

If the appearance of your house is important to you, you may want to contact a guttering company that provides long run or continuous guttering. Not only does continuous guttering ensure a streamlined appearance, there’s also less wastage as it’s rolled from one corner of your home to the other. In addition, continuous guttering installation also lasts longer and gives you better value for your money.

Both steel and aluminum guttering are available as a long run installation.

If you’re still not sure about whether you should choose aluminum or steel guttering, ask a guttering installation or supply company for their recommendations on the best material for your home.

Many thanks to the professional guttering installation team at Alcoil for providing this Article.