You’ve just announced your engagement. No prizes for guessing the first question on everyone’s lips. “So, when’s the big day?” Woah, woah, woah. First thing’s first; soak up the euphoria surrounding the fact that YOU JUST GOT ENGAGED! Once you’re back on solid ground, you can start thinking wedding logistics.

It’s common for couples to wait a year or even several years to tie the knot after the proposal. There are many reasons for this, be it financial, circumstantial or the idea that a wedding takes forever to plan.

You don’t need to book everything 10 years in advance.

If you fancy holding your wedding ceremony or reception at a function centre, or any popular wedding venue, you will need to jump on board that train pretty quickly in case someone else already has your date in mind. In saying that, photographers, caterers, florists and the like are hired all year through for occasions that are often – wait for it – not weddings! These companies can be hired mere weeks out from some events, so tripping over yourself to have everything locked in within the first week of being engaged is not necessary.

It pays to be organised when there’s heaps to plan, of course, but make sure you enjoy the ride while you’re at it. Appreciate that time. The congratulations, the realisation of what’s to come. Relish in it together.

Accept wedding advice, but do what’s right for you.

It seems like everyone’s an expert when it comes to getting married, and rightly so if the advice is coming from someone who has taken the plunge themselves. So, when a tip or suggestion regarding your upcoming nuptials is thrown your way, listen to what they have to say and take it on board.

There’s no obligation to implement all or any of the advice you receive, as it may be irrelevant to the vibe you’re aiming for, and that’s okay. But be polite, say thank you and appreciate that they’re only trying to help.

If you do find a particular friend or family member is forcefully imposing ideas where they’re not needed, simply thank them for their advice and explain that it’s not quite what you had in mind. This method is generally well received, though some may need a little more of a hint than others. Either way, be civil, keep the peace and things should remain stress-free.

There are no rules.

Weddings are as unique as the couple tying the knot. To become legally married there are three sections of the wedding ceremony that must be spoken. That’s it. You don’t even have to exchange rings for your marriage to be legit! The rest – including the reception – is all fluff. So why not do it your way?

Some couples love tradition and stick to the done thing on their wedding day. Others – and this is happening more and more – prefer a wedding that reflects them as a couple. A unique day to share with their nearest and dearest, whether that includes a sole witness, or all of their extended family and friends!

When it’s time to start planning your wedding, sit down with your partner in crime and work out what it is you want. Think location, time of year, size and general vibe. Decide how you want your day to play out and get planning.

All that’s left to do is enjoy!