Tips to Improve Your Home Security

When you think of the words “home security”, you may be picturing heavy bars on all of the windows and a gigantic cast iron front door. Sure, the Fort Knox approach may well work, but if you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a prison, there are other, less-extreme options you can look at.

Follow these tips to help make your home less appealing to the thieving types.

Motion Sensor Lights

A great idea and not all that expensive, motion sensor lights are helpful deterrents for potential thieves. When they are startled by the sudden light, they will be left wondering if you’re home or if it’s just a sensor light – generally that doubt is enough to send them on their way. If you’re based in Melbourne we recommend speaking to home automation expects like ITA.

Fake It

So you’re away for the night catching up with friends; don’t let them know that. Fake it – pretend you are home and burglars are less likely to bother your property.

You can achieve this by setting up timers in your home so certain lights, or the TV or radio can come on at a particular time of day or night. Also, if you’re away for a longer period of time, see if your neighbor or a friend can collect your mail; nothing says “I’m not home” like a mountain of junk mail protruding from your mailbox!

Dogs and Alarms

Having a dog or installing an alarm system can be all it takes to prevent a possible break-and-enter. There are many options available when it comes to alarms so do your research to find out what type would suit your home.

Alternatively, you can save yourself some cash and just be really good at pretending! Put up a “Beware of the Dog” sign or fix a security system sticker to your window in plain view and watch the bad guys change their minds. The impending consequences, for some, just aren’t worth it.


Changing the locks is a wise decision when you buy a home, as you will never know just how many people had a copy of those keys; starting a fresh is the safest option.

Adding a peephole to your door helps you see who is on the other side before opening your home up to them; a security screen door is also a great idea.


A lot of people feel safe in their neighborhood and don’t always bother to lock their windows. A burglar wants an easy entry point, and an unlocked window (or door) is as easy as it gets!


Adding security screens will make it harder to break in, but even so, make sure to lock your windows when they are not in use – even when you are home – as this creates a good habit. Also, you want your windows to be in good condition – glass is fragile enough without encouraging thieves with a cracked or chipped window. Mobile car service and professional window cleaning companies also provide window scratch removal and glass repair services that can help with this predicament.

Many thanks to Bax Window Cleaning Melbourne for their 1st hand advice on this matter.

Prevent Window Shopping

If you have uncovered windows, think about what you can see from outside. Your computer, your television and probably a few other valuables are in plain sight – which means anyone wanting to get their hands on some pricey goods will know exactly where to go “shopping”.

Of course, common sense prevails, but it doesn’t hurt to throw a few other preventative measures into the mix. Sit down and work out the best plan of attack for your home security and put it into action.

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