Are you a comedy junkie?

Looking for a quick fix?

Do yourself a favour and check out Elbowskin at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Elbowskin are a musical comedy duo spearheaded by Ernie Austin and Dave Adams, high school mates and class clowns that never looked back. They’re the silly guys with a knack for witty lyrics and epic stand up banter. The are suitable for all ages or private adults only humour, with lots of corporate entertainment experience.

With songs like Mrs Hitler; the story of Adolfs parent teacher interviews and cheeky numbers like The Mum Song where the guys playfully suggest that “your mum has a clitorus too, it didn’t just fall off when she had you”, it’ll make you laugh so hard that it hurts.

The guys are currently doing their brand new show called Elbowskins P.O.V, a unique take everyday life events such as scrambling ladies at myers stocktake sale and people cutting into lines at a bank.

The Adelaide Advertiser loved it with 4 stars and The Age said you’ll “fall off your seat laughing”.

The show runs at the Forum Theatre: Cnr Flinders & Russell Sts, Melbourne for just $20 bucks! 

Your can buy tickets from the official Melbourne comedy festival website

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Author: Dion