Squeegees: How to Make Your Windows Shine

There are many ways to clean your windows, whether in the home, car, or office. There are many products on the market, as well as a few home remedies that some swear by. A squeegee is one thing you should invest in when cleaning your own windows. Using a squeegee will leave you with beautiful, clear, streak-free windows when done correctly. Read on for some quick, easy hints…

Job Specifics

Before you go running to the shops to buy any old squeegee, there are a few things you need to consider as there are different types and sizes you can get depending on the job.

If you’re cleaning a small window such as your car window, a small squeegee will do just fine. However, if you’re cleaning a rather large window, make sure to use a bigger squeegee. This will save you time and there is also less change of potential streaks if you do fewer passes over the window.

The Right Tool

There are a few different materials when it comes to what your squeegee is made of. Common options include stainless steel, brass and plastic. Stainless steel squeegees are durable and should last you many years; they have quite a good reputation. Brass, while a quality material, can rust as time passes and can be rather heavy. Plastic is usually not as expensive as other options, but it also won’t generally last as long.

When it comes to the handle of your squeegee, there are a couple of choices. Rigid squeegee handles are quite commonplace, but there are also swivel handles which are ideal for round or odd shaped windows. Some squeegees come with rubber on the handle to give you a better grip.

Handle extensions are available for cleaning those out-of-reach windows. Easy to assemble, they usually have a threaded end which you simply screw into the end of your existing squeegee handle. This is also much safer than trying to balance on a ladder to reach the window.

Rubber Replacement

The most important part of any squeegee is the rubber blade that connects with your window, so it’s important to make sure it’s in tip-top condition. If you start to notice abrasions, worn corners or rounding on your rubber, it’s time to replace it. Using it while in this condition will only leave you with unsightly streaks.

To give your windows the flawless look they deserve, the rubber must be perfect. They’re generally not too expensive, so change it as often as you need to for a spotless finish.

Of course, cleaning windows isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to achieve brilliant shine, but don’t have the time to do it yourself, speak to our friends at Bax Window Cleaning Melbourne they’re always willing to offer advice and point you in the right direction even if you don’t want to use their services .